Harriet was born in England but spent her early childhood and formative years in the Caribbean island of Barbados. She earned scholarships to study an International Baccalaureate at the United World College (UWC-USA) in New Mexico and a Bachelor's degree at Earlham College, Indiana, before completing her Master of Fine Arts from Newcastle University in the UK. Her international background and education has greatly influenced her artistic practice and left a colorful imprint.

Harriet moved to Tampa Bay in 2011, and has been a resident of Safety Harbor for the past six years. With a love of learning, she finds inspiration in many things; from the effects of light on color to the changes that occur with tides. Harriet's ambition is to become a prominent artist in the Tampa Bay area by painting oil and acrylic reflections of the Florida landscapes, seascapes, and to capture the inherent beauty in her surroundings.

“I currently work out of my studio located in my Florida Room near downtown Safety Harbor, Florida. Working primarily with oils, I like to paint seascapes as well as explorative landscapes. Although I reference photographs, I use my camera like a sketchbook. Then I naturally place my own filters when I paint. I use oils like watercolors, with thin layers and washes to evoke an impression of the places I've been.”

Full Artist Statement

You could split my artistic career into three chapters. The first chapter, picture a very young and enthusiastic artist selling paintings of flora in several art galleries on the island where I grew up, Barbados. The second chapter would be an academic one with series produced while I studied for my Master of Fine Arts Degree in Newcastle. Born in England, I had an interest in cultural studies and examined my own experience of (un)belonging.

Mixed media was a way of coming to terms with my understanding of national identity. I referenced Victorian botanical illustrators such as Marianne North for use of colour and subject matter, as well as the works of British illustrator Aubrey Beardsley and textile designer William Morris. The Master Degree culminated in an installation called 'Contrapuntal' showcasing hand-painted guache on screen-printed free-standing walls.

After putting my brushes down for a long period of time, I am now committed to the third chapter of my artistic career. I work from my home studio in Safety Harbor, Florida. I am a mother of three little ones and enjoy the unique challenges of a work-life balance.

My current work explores the layers of colour in nature, using "bayscapes" as subject matter, and I am influenced by the subtle changes of colour in the Harbor. My style usually airs on the side of neo-luministic with blended brushstrokes as I capture the essence of what it is like to be looking at the scenery.

I also love to experiment with other media including lino printmaking and ceramics.