A Breath of Fresh Air: Creative Pinellas' Emerging Artist Exhibition Review

Written by Harriet Monzon-Aguirre | August, 2021

A breath of fresh air. That's how I would describe the Emerging Artist exhibition at the Gallery at Creative Pinellas.
This was my first exhibition attendance since COVID and I read the perspectives of two of the grantees in the article "
Emerging Artists Paint a Vivid Picture" before setting out. Even though I visited the gallery with my children on a quiet day, I could relate to the artists' sentiments of social anxiety as I am only now slowly emerging from a cocoon of isolation/separation. And yes, some of the themes on display were hard to swallow; death, police brutality, environmental crises, mental health - but the exhibit was still a breath of fresh air and it was brilliant to see artists visually portray issues we are all collectively facing. In my opinion, Pinellas County is exceeding its goal of empowering minds by showcasing these contemporary artists.

The Gallery at Creative Pinellas is located on 12211 Walsingham Road, Largo, FL 33778, right next to the Florida Botanical Gardens. My mistake was going to the exhibit first and trying to corral two excited children who enjoyed walking through the hanging installation by Emily Stehle. Therefore I would recommend parents with younger children to explore the gardens before visiting the exhibit, or keep them secured in strollers. All in all a good lesson for "you can look, but please don't touch."

About Creative Pinellas: Creative Pinellas is Pinellas County's Local Arts Agency providing support, connection, and opportunities to artists, organizations, and the public in order to grow and sustain the area as an internationally recognized arts and cultural destination. They are focused on creating vibrant communities, encouraging creativity and innovation, supporting economic development, and making arts and creativity available to all.

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