Going to the Great Explorations Children's Museum

Written by Harriet Monzon-Aguirre | April 2022

Visiting the Safety Harbor Library and requesting a Museum Pass for one of nine brilliant museums in Pinellas County is how I imagine Charlie felt when he won the golden ticket to see Willy Wonka’s factory. There is a rush of excitement to choose a museum, pick up a pass, and head out on a new adventure. On this occasion we went to see Maurus the Explorasaurus at the Great Explorations Children's Museum.

As soon as we entered the main space known as Explorers Cove, my two eldest clambered up what appeared to be suspended surfboards. I sat back and enjoyed watching them improve their climbing skills, and they were enraptured by the maze of nets and slides in the coastal themed treehouse for a good twenty minutes. Meanwhile my youngest, Thomas, stimulated his tactile senses with a synthetic sand box on the side.

After they grew tired of climbing and sifting sand, we explored the different "exhibits" or stations surrounding the center tree. Each exhibit was themed on different professions. Meteorologist, Veterinarian, Grocery store cashier , Firefighter, Doctor, Artist; we enjoyed each and every one. My kids are still at an age where they love to play dress up, so they jumped right into the costumes and immersed their imaginations completely.

William climbing the tree house in Explorers Cove.

Madeline pretending to be a pediatrician at the medical exhibit.

William performing surgery at the medical exhibit.

William really enjoyed the big version of the classic family game "Operation" and had fun with the disappearing trick on the green wall of the Spectrum News station. Madeline took great joy in caring for animals in the Vet exhibit and babies in the Medical exhibit. Thomas spent ages honing his fine motor skills on the peg board in the Visual Arts exhibit. When I asked William and Maddie what their favorite part of the museum was, they both declared "Everything!"

An extra bonus of visiting Great Explorations is the museum is located steps away from another St. Petersburg treasure, the Sunken Gardens.
We can't wait to get our next Museum pass and see what else Pinellas County has to offer.

Madeline scanning Polly in the MRI machine at the Veterinarian exhibit

Madeline as cashier at the grocery exhibit

Thomas works with pegs at the Visual Arts exhibit

William at Spectrum News Exhibit