Landmark: Morean Arts Center Member Show Review

Written by Harriet Monzon-Aguirre | September, 2021

Landmark : 2021 Morean Arts Center Member Show

First of all I want to iterate that I am not an art critic, but I am using the opportunity to review exhibitions and art events in the Tampa Bay area because it gets me out of the house, helps me keep my website content fresh, hones my writing skills, and enables me to connect with other artists . So with that in mind I attended part of St. Pete's Second Saturday ArtWalk.

What is ArtWalk? Well if you plan to go, definitely wear some comfortable shoes because there are over 40 studios and galleries to visit spread over 5 districts. Had I known beforehand about the trolley that takes you to certain spots, I might not have woken up with as many blisters and would have seen a lot more than I did. They (the powers at be - Art Alliance?) should consider extending the timeframe or making it a weekend long event, or they've calculated what works to ensure you go back to see what you missed. Challenge accepted.

As part of my first ArtWalk I saw the Morean Arts Center 2021 Members Show with the theme - LANDMARK, and met some great artists working out of ArtLofts @ Florida CraftArt.

With the Members Show, I was immediately taken aback by the inclusivity of the exhibition. From the various mediums showcased to the representations of the Landmark theme, even down to the listed prices - the show was approachable and accessible. There really was something for everyone's taste and economic position. In regards to the subject matter there were of course recognizable physical landmarks; the Bok Tower, the Don CeSar hotel, and beaches but there was also personal interpretations, one of my favorite being, Shall We Stroll?, a porcelain sculpture of an octopus emerging from a conch shell by Suzy Pease. Another eye-catching body of work was the series on exhibit by Chris Duncan. Chris won the Margaret Murphy Steward Best of Show from last year, earning her the solo show within the 2021 Member Show. The color palette was pleasing to the eye and very relaxing.

"Shall We Stroll?", porcelain by Suzy Pease.

Florida Palm, watercolor by Chris Duncan

From the Member Show, I walked a block or so and went upstairs to ArtLofts @ Florida CraftArt. There I had the pleasure to meet Beth Kauffman, Christine Di Staola and Betsy Orbe Lester (who helped install LANDMARK). Once again I was delighted by how approachable and welcoming each artist was in their respective studio spaces, and reminded that while scientists have worked on a cure; artists will heal the world.

Thank you ladies for letting me stop by and taking the time to chat. Hope to see you again at the next Second Saturday ArtWalk.