The Take Away - What I've Learnt from Linocut

Written by Harriet Monzon-Aguirre | August, 2021

Before COVID I took an Introductory Course to Relief Printmaking at the Dunedin Fine Art Center and had a blast.
I thought - "let's make some prints. It's relatively quick and doesn't require a large studio space. I can do this with kids running under my feet." So the past few months I have been exploring the medium of linocut. I purchased inks, the beginner carving set, a great book "Linocut for artists & designers" by Nick Morley, some linoleum blocks, different types of paper, and set out. I always love learning something new. Below is what I've taken away from overcoming certain fears with taking an uncharted course in my artistic approach:

  1. You're never going to improve if you don't at least try.

  2. If you really want to appreciate something, try to make it yourself.
    As Austin Kleon says "copying is about reverse-engineering."
    Imitate then emulate.

  3. Tackle the hard stuff first.
    I used to have a saying as a little girl when I did my homework. "Get ya work outta de way so ya have more time tuh play." The same applies to learning linocut and carving large areas first.

  4. Get a 6 year old's perspective.
    Sometimes fear of trying something new is paralysing. Six year olds have fresh perspectives and are not presumptuous. Mine said to me "Oh, you're making just a stamp then Mum."

Image: "E. Marshall St.", limited edition linocut print by Harriet Monzon-Aguirre