Having trouble finding the right painting to hang on a particular wall, or want to make one of your own photographs last more than one lifetime? Commission your own painting. The process entails a client brief, a sketching phase to work out dimensions, scale, and colours, and the final product ready to install in your home or office.

Close communication is essential, Harriet makes sure to send progress shots. The lead time depends on the size of the commissioned piece. Please note that copyright of the original artwork is held by the artist for any reproduction of prints and/or products unless the client indicates that they would like to buy the copyright.

Interested in commissioning a painting from Harriet? Please fill out this form for additional information.


Top Left : Actual Photograph
Bottom Left: Work in Progress
Right: Customer photograph of installed commissioned painting.

"A BIG thank you to Bahia Studios for transforming one of my favorite photos I have taken of my beautiful family. For almost a year I searched for the best way to bring this photo into our home. Thanks to Harriet Monzon-Aguirre for the guidance and education on the best paint, size and frame. I could not be more happy with how it turned out."