One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

One month into the Residency and I have hit a few hurdles, the biggest being procrastination. This blog post is late. I could blame the dim lights in the studio, I could chalk it up to having to readjust to having William at home full time, or I could say the home-to-do list has sidetracked me. But the truth of the matter is I just haven't been able to keep myself motivated.

An art-related activity we accomplished was or first visit to The Dali Museum in St.Petersburg. It was quite amusing to see the reaction on people's faces when a two and a half year old boy with wand and blanket in hand started waltzing through the exhibition gazing up at the people in the room rather than the work on the walls. Unfortunately we were reprimanded by the custodian, because William hit the rope barrier protecting the painting, not the painting itself thankfully. I grabbed him by the hand and we quickly moved on to the Dali/Duchamp exhibition.

William liked the canned lights and an enlarged print on the wall, but was equally enthralled by the "Corazon" film. I am not sure if the video on the right is the exact footage being shown in the exhibition because we were in toddler time; meaning no sooner had we entered the room did we turn around, walk back out, and head downstairs to the cafe.

Stuffing our faces is always our most peaceful moments, until I swung Maddie in the baby carrier and shattered a tea cup all over the floor. I looked around half mortified, and said out loud "Well at least it was empty." People looked at us. I apologised and grabbed William's hand once more and left with haste. From there we went outside, where we enjoyed another great space.

There was a spiral, the perfect Fibonacci sequence to follow on the floor. William started doing what children do, and explored his surroundings which meant he did what I asked him not to and climbed up onto the rocks. A passerby scorned us passive aggressively - "There is a sign that clearly says 'Please don't climb on the rocks'." That made me miss Barbados. I don't remember growing up with so many signs telling you not what to do.

Now I look back I realise I was the only one in there with children under the age of 8. Why is that I wonder? Was it worthwhile making that trip? Financially speaking probably not. But more important than the financial return is what William and Maddie gained from spending the morning with their Mum in a new and exciting place. Will the trip have a lasting impression on William? Impossible to tell. He probably won't remember. But I will. And if we visit more frequently they will have better appreciation for the place they live, a stronger sense of belonging, and a better understanding of our values as a family and society in general.

I didn't pick up a pen and draw. I didn't paint. I made a wand, and my son and I took that wand and explored a museum. This week has been one step forward, two steps back, and a whole lot of fun dance steps in between.

#Dalimuseum #contemporaryart

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