Tick Tock Goes the Clock

I know I said I didn't do anything artistic last week, but actually I was entrusted with making black and white copies of photos of my Mother's life and collaging them together for her Birthday surprise. This project made me think a lot about time. Time seems to affect us as a family in two ways.

I remember just after William was born someone said to me, "Treasure these moments, they go by in a flash." The thought made me laugh, but now I wish I had taken that advice to heart. There really must be a time paradox. The more you need it, the less you have of it. I've blinked and our second newborn baby is almost one. Where did that time go? What were we doing during that time? Maybe this blog which is supposed to be about my artistic practice in motherhood is more beneficial as a way to catalogue my journey as a mother through photography or other artistic means.

The second way time affects us as a family is culturally. I grew up respecting time, to be punctual was paramount. For my husband's side of the family, it doesn't matter what time you show up but make sure you have a good time when you get there, usually with aguardiente in hand.

I've been trying to establish routine and structure

because that's supposed to help babies and toddlers

feel a sense of security. Snack Time, Nap Time, Play Time, Bed Time.

Yes I feel like a drill sergeant, or more like the drawing on the right.

How will our children learn to be resilient if we don't add a little spontaneity to their day? Maybe all our times and schedules make us feel better as adults more than we like to admit. I'm reminded of scenes from The Little Prince.

As the clock goes tick tock, I will continue to be our children's guiding hand but I will also learn to enjoy every fleeting minute, and encapsulate our moments of discovery and adventure.

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