Hey You Up There, I'm Down Here

This latest blog article is about looking at the world through the lens of a iPhone yielding 33 month old. I realise now how un-self-motivated I've been with writing when not only do I wince at the date of my last post but I also have to look up the password to log--in (insert nail bitting sound) Do I get brownie points for at least thinking about writing?

March 31 was Madeline's 1st Birthday. What a memorable day we had with four cousins each enjoying horse-rides, train-rides and baby goats at the petting zoo. While we were leaving, William, our almost 3 year old had Dad's phone in hand and was keeping busy taking photos.

When I looked at the photos later, I was really impressed, and I am not just saying that as a proud mother who thinks anything their child does is amazing. I was really impressed by his steady hand and poise. His gallery of photos also piqued my interest because of the subject matter - a lot of legs and feet. A lot of adult legs and feet.

I've been kicking myself these last few weeks for the very reason that I've been forgetting to put myself in the shoes of our little ones. In their eyes, we are giants, we are superheroes. They literally look up to us every moment of every day. So I'm using this post as a reminder to spend some time, whether it be 5, 10, 15 minutes or more on the floor so that we can balance out the power dynamic and be on the same level emotionally and physically.

We are also going through the stage of William learning about himself through power struggles. I will admit, I've had quite a few mother meltdowns in the past few weeks, wondering why I am constantly battling with him and other loved ones, and then having to grapple with the realisation that I am the cause of much of those battles.

Looking at William's photos made me pause. In a way he is showing me the answer. All I need to do is take a knee, to be on his level at the same height with his favourite cousin. To not raise my voice to try to get points across and try my hardest to de-escalate the situation.

Thank you William for using photography to make me a better Mum.


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