Move to Medellín, Colombia

2 weeks and 2 days have passed since we boarded the plane from Tampa and relocated to Medellín. Some thought we were a bit crazy to make such a long distance move with the “short” timeframe in mind of one year. Some supported our decision. Why did we decide on such a drastic change? There’s a host of reasons. Here are the most important:

1. More quality time together as a family

For us as freelancers, Carlos would have to accept every job in his on-season to make up for the off-season. That’s 10 hours a day, sometimes more, without a fixed schedule. The only way to afford spending more time together was to move where the cost of living is not as high.

2. Mother burnout.

Yes burnout is real and it happened to me. I will be open and honest and say I was overwhelmed with being mainly responsible for the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of two little ones. As much as I wanted to, I was unable to set up structured activities. I felt like we were constantly going somewhere just to get out of the house. This was exhausting. I needed to be somewhere to unwind, to relax. Somewhere where someone else worries about preparing meals, somewhere where the square footage of space that I have to clean and maintain is minimal, somewhere where I don’t feel quite alone. I have a creative outlet here and am exposed to other artists. Self-care will allow me to be a better person, mother, and spouse.

3. Better quality of life

Our children have the freedom to explore a farm with a lot of open green spaces, a small waterfall, and fishponds. They will care for plants and animals. They will play in the dirt and splash in the water, and dance around fires at night. They will enjoy fresh air every day rather than be trapped indoors from sweltering heat. This is the best gift we can give them as parents. This is part of their heritage.

4. Better healthcare

Waiting 2 hours to be seen by a doctor for less than 5 minutes is not my idea of good healthcare. Trying to find a high quality healthcare plan at an affordable price on the marketplace made my head spin. We had three different healthcare plans for a family of four. The practice of my OBGYN doctor suddenly dropped my plan leaving me frantically researching for another. In my opinion, the healthcare system in the USA is broken. At least here my kids can be part of an all-inclusive plan and I will be able to go to a dentist and optologist without breaking the bank.

So there you go and here we are. Enjoying the climate and our surroundings while adjusting to the culture change.

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