On Culture Change: Cambios de cultura

How we adjust to changes in culture really depends on our personalities and everyone has their own way of processing this adjustment. As a mother it is interesting to see how resilient the kids are. “Poco a poco” or little by little is our new family mantra. Here are a few things we have had to adjust to with this move.

  • Used toilet paper into the trash, not the toilet. At first I thought this was just something we had to do on the farm/hacienda because of the septic tanks, but it is practiced everywhere. Ladies remember to carry your own when going to the city.

  • Saturday night party music from sundown to sunrise. I spend most of Sunday napping because there is an unspoken competition of whoever has the biggest speakers has the biggest huevos.

  • Milk in a bag. I have nothing to add.

  • Guacharacas. They are loud pheasant like birds that unfortunately do not follow the Saturday night party rule. 6:00am is our new wake up alarm.

  • No dinner. Dinner is whatever you didn’t eat for lunch, or light snacks. Lunch is the main course. This is a pleasant change but it does make you feel the need for an afternoon siesta.

  • Pico y Placa. Due to heavy congestion in the city, those with certain license plates need to leave the city before or after rush hour two days a week or face fines. Yes to avoid Pico y Place the family has two cars which they alternate depending on the day of the week.

  • Because we are living on a farm and the path that leads to our cabin is shared with 3 cows, I have been clearing cow dung a lot more than I am used to. Apparently it’s great for the compost!

  • Another farm-related one. Washing clothes by hand to get the mud out. You take care of your clothes more when you have to wash them by hand.

  • Poco a poco!​

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